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Case Study

Driving 360 degree customer experience and top line growth for a tier-1 operator in Africa

The objective was to develop a VAS architecture which could manage a vast portfolio of VAS from multiple vendors. The Tier-1 operator in Africa was after an architecture which apart from lowering the CAPEX and OPEX would provide a 360- degree customer experience, fostering customer loyalty across its operation in 17 countries in Africa.

iSON helps a global business solutions provider in Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery for its contact centre servicing 8 million subscribers

The purpose was to design and implement business continuity and disaster recovery plan for a global business solution provider servicing 8 million subscribers. The business solution provider was after high visibility across the myriad interrelated customer care processes and clarity on the line of authority and role during crisis management.

iSON performs bcp/dr for a mobile money platform (e- money platform) for a leading telecom operator in Africa

The operator was keen for an IT vendor to implement BCP / DR for the application, associated processes and Data Centres for mobile money platforms. The objective of the exercise was to design an IT infrastructure which will keep the operator’s mobile money business-critical applications up and running even in the eventuality of a disaster. Business continuity was desired to avoid violation of regulations and/or guidelines, increase customer trust/ loyalty and
improved availability and outage avoidance.

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Skills Enablement Services


Enterprises today are exposed to a growing volume of threats, both in scale and sophistication, with increasing regulatory norms being enforced upon them. It is essential for companies to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of vital information and data through a robust information security framework.

Managed Services and Operations

Enterprises today need to deal with technological advancements, advanced services adoption, and new business models which often leads to business complexity. In addition, high financial pressures and demand for operational efficiency and IT consolidation leads enterprises’ seek Managed Services model.


Datacenter Design, Planning, Implementation, Operations & Business Continuity.

Today substantial amount of an enterprise’s IT spend is on Data Center Operations and Management. We provide disruptive and game-changing models to reduce cost through optimum utilisation of the IT infrastructure. Transformational approaches like virtualisation, legacy modernisation and cloud computing lead to robust and fail safe infra landscape