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In today’s dynamic landscape, every company is jostling with technological advancements. In order to not lose any ground to their competitors, the organizations are adopting advanced service solutions and new business models leading to business complexity. In addition to complexity, the financial pressures and demand for 100% operational efficiency lead business into adopting a managed services model.

Global EPC contractor

The global EPC was seeking a solution for the emergency response team which was efficient enough to regularly monitor and update employee records; the data which forms the basis to carry out a safe and efficient evacuation of onsite staff. The objective was to have an emergency response management solution which could validate and verify on-site workers in real time.

iSON provided a 3g operator

The business operations are continuous and constant, therefore its imperative for any business to have resources to efficiently handle request and tasks all year round, 24/7. The objective was to implement a centralized bilingual helpdesk for application support and 24/7 critical IT infrastructure support for users based across 3 regions, 17 countries and 46 locations. On top of this, it was ideated
to have 12x5 daytime support staff.

Digital Transformation

Accelerating the transformation by consolidating operations and leveraging agile so our customers reach there faster.

iSON’s Oracle Utility Implementation

Implementation of a centralized CC&B application including an arabized version with industry standard business processes, and up-gradations, lowering risk and total cost of ownership.

Oracle solution for the general pension

GPSSA, UAE, an authority mandated to apply the pension and retirement benefits for UAE nationals, was considering
an integrated packaged solution, having capabilities to cater for processes related to contributions, pensions &
benefits, finance, treasury, customer service, HR & internal payroll based on industry best practices. The highly
integrated solution would streamline the business processes and accentuate the customer service capabilities.

ADEC transforms financial processes

ADEC, is an educational authority in the UAE, that primarily manages and administers the public schools of UAE. The
organization was still dependent on legacy business processes and was running desktop applications, with no
cross-sector integration amongst the following educational sectors they cater to

  • P-12 Policy
  • Support Services
  • Higher Education
  • Private Schools and Quality Assurance
  • School Operations

Digitalization & Customer Experience

Enabling our clients to be closer to their customers through seamless digital experiences and new frontiers of process improvement.

iSON Transforms IT Landscape

Incorporated in 1981, the Oil Corporation’s main objective was to coordinate activities associated with the oil exploration. Its entry into downstream operations was marked by the deregulation of the oil industry in 1994. They were looking for an ERP solution that would support both the functional and technical requirements. The idea was to
have an integrated solution that would cater to the requirements of financial, supply chain management, CRM, HR and wet stock management with their existing business intelligence and FACS systems.

Automation of customer On-boarding

A leading telecommunication provider in the Middle East was after an integrated solution which would automate the
customer onboarding process. The objective was to provide greater customer experience with an eye on greater
market penetration. The solution should seamlessly integrate with the mobile platform and should facilitate customised

Mobile Self-Care Solution Empowers

A leading 3G telecommunication provider with over 75m subscriber base was after a self-service/care solution which
could reduce the customer care cost and the average wait time on the IVR. The solution envisaged countering
informational queries which accounted for 70% of the total customer care calls. The goal was to reduce call traffic and
provide an intuitive customer self-service interface which could collate the desired information on one screen.

Business Value

Domain expertise that ensures you’re operationally efficient and optimized to deliver business value in times to come.

Driving 360 degree customer experience

The objective was to develop a VAS architecture which could manage a vast portfolio of VAS from multiple vendors. The Tier-1 operator in Africa was after an architecture which apart from lowering the CAPEX and OPEX would provide a 360- degree customer experience, fostering customer loyalty across its operation in 17 countries in Africa.

iSON helps a global business solutions

The purpose was to design and implement business continuity and disaster recovery plan for a global business solution provider servicing 8 million subscribers. The business solution provider was after high visibility across the myriad interrelated customer care processes and clarity on the line of authority and role during crisis management.

ADEC transforms financial processes

The operator was keen for an IT vendor to implement BCP / DR for the application, associated processes and Data Centres for mobile money platforms. The objective of the exercise was to design an IT infrastructure which will keep the operator’s mobile money business-critical applications up and running even in the eventuality of a disaster. Business continuity was desired to avoid violation of regulations and/or guidelines, increase customer trust/ loyalty and improved availability and outage avoidance.