Consultancy Services for Contact Center Design
We provide Contact Center Consulting services such as

Professional Services for CCT Implementation

As non-voice communication channels are increasingly getting popular with customers, enterprises need to ensure robust integration of touch-points like social media, email, chat, and text messaging with their existing contact center platforms. While most enterprises use IVR systems to offer self-service options to customers, complex menu navigation and long prompts often result in an unpleasant experience. In addition, inadequate follow-ups,multiple call transfers, and long hold times increase the turnaround time (TAT) for customer requests, thereby affecting the efficiency of service operations. Moreover, maintaining legacy contact center platforms is particularly challenging due to the additional effort and significant costs involved.

Our professional services for Unified Communication and Contact Centers help you design, monitor, and calibrate the customer journey to ensure a consistent and superior
omni-channel experience. Our consultants and user experience (UX) designers help you transition to a bespoke, consolidated, cost-effective contact center incorporating the latest technologies.


Contact Centre Assessment

We examine your current contact center operations to assess processes, identify and prioritize gaps and identify efficiency opportunities affecting the customer experience while evaluating the existing technology, providing recommendations and building a comprehensive and holistic report of your contact center, covering systems (ACD, WFM, IVR, routing, QA, CRM, etc), digital channels, customer journeys, automated and manual self-service

Strategy and Roadmap

In line with enterprises' goals, we create a holistic plan and recommend on the following:

  • Systems Integration
  • Omni-Channel Enablement
  • Cloud Migration d. Analytics
  • Workforce Management
  • Technology and Vendor Selection
  • Post- Implementation Review and Analysis



We enable you to convert to a sophisticated omni-channel contact centre by reconfiguring your business processes, workflows and data security policies. Integration: We seamlessly integrate your customer relationship management and ticketing systems (CLI, Click-to-call, embedded call control, call history, call recording link), multimedia channels (email, social, chatbot, apps) and Business Intelligence (BI) tools to offer the delicate balance between agent productivity, service quality and cost.


Traditional tools and processes for cloud migration are not completely suited for IaaS environments, resulting in escalated costs, multiple manual interventions and delay in implementation. iSON offers customized data migration using state-of-the-art processes to ensure an accurate, seamless and automated migration to the cloud.


By deploying agile testing methodologies, we assist you with :

  • Functional testing: These tests are highly detailed and cover varied test cases possible (IVR and routing paths, workflows and screens. It includes component Testing, systems integration testing, user acceptance testing, usability testing.
  • Performance testing: We perform tests at the beginning of the project and set a baseline ; and near the end of teh project (close to roll out) to prepare for production. It includes general performance, load testing, BCP/ DR testing.
  • Proactive Testing : Wa can also conduct performance tests on a routine basis to ensure enterprises' technology continues to function at peak efficiency. Typical test plans include IVR and routing algorithms while simultaneously asessing performance on inbound and outbound lines.
  • Problem- Resolution Testing: Wheneever there is an issue it is imperative to chase down teh root cause of the problem. We seek resolution of the problem ensuring the problem would not reoccur.