Datacenter Design, Planning, Implementation & Operations

Datacenter Design, Planning, Implementation & Operations

Today, when 60% to 70% of an enterprise’s IT spend is on Data Center Operations and Management, enterprises look for disruptive and game-changing models to reduce cost through optimum utilization of the IT infrastructure. Transformational approaches like virtualization, legacy modernization and cloud computing lead to building state-of-the-art infrastructure.

We can help expand your data center through our consulting services such as Data Center Planning and Pre-Design, Feasibility Studies and Cost Budgeting, Availability and Risk Management, Relocation Evaluation and Planning, Energy Usage and Efficiency Assessments, Virtualization Strategies and Assessments, Server Planning and Feasibility, Data Protection Planning and Feasibility.In addition,our Data Center services include program-managing Data Center Build and Operate models such as data center design, equipment, delivery, installation and commissioning and testing. Our standardized approach to Data Center Operations combines a vast experience in building and managing Green Data Centers. We have a Data Center Build capability and experience of building 300,000 sq. ft. of data center.

Our Data Center offerings include

  • Consulting Services
  • Server Operations
  • Storage operations
  • Network Operations
  • Security operations
  • Database Operations
  • Virtualization

The Data Center services provide the following financial benefits:

  • Substantial cost reduction
  • Improved asset utilization
  • Increased profit margins

Security and Risk Management

Enterprises today are exposed to a growing volume of threats, both in scale and sophistication, with increasing regulatory norms being enforced upon them. It is essential for companies to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of vital information and data through a robust information security framework.

iSON Cyber Security Services follow a holistic approach in responding to multi-dimensional cyber security risks and providing total visibility and intelligence on new developments within business infrastructures, applications, data and people.

Our portfolio provides security solutions to help organizations holistically protect their people, infrastructures, data and applications; offers solutions for network and infrastructure security, advanced threat protection for modern day threats, application security through its complete lifecycle, data-centric security, identity and access management, and more.

We offer the following security services through our product portfolio:

  • Asessment: Determining all critical assests of the technology infrastructure and creating a risk profile for each, assessing the identified security risks for critical assets, defining a mitigation approach, and implementing tools and processses to minimize threats and vulnerabilities from occurring in your organization's resources.
  • Design: Covering security design assessment and correction, security policy framework, system hardening and BCP/DR services
  • Governance: Including third-party contract, security monitoring, security awareness, virtual CISO and security governance, risk and compliance management.
  • Armor: Covering solutions around network security, infrastructure security and advance threat protection (APT, Spear Phishing, dynamic malwares, etc.)
  • Validation: Including network VA/PT, application VA/PT (static and dynamic assessment), technology and process audits.
  • Data Centric Security: Including DLP management and Information Rights Management.
  •  Identity and Access Management Including identity management, identity federation and context-based security.
  • Identity and Access Management: Including identity management, identity federation and context based security
  • Security Transformation: Including cloud security, mobile security, collaboration security and security intelligence for enhanced detection and response capabilities.