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Case Study


In today’s dynamic landscape, every company is jostling with technological advancements. In order to not lose any ground to their competitors, the organizations are adopting advanced service solutions and new business models leading to business complexity. In addition to complexity, the financial pressures and demand for 100% operational efficiency lead business into adopting a managed services model.

Global EPC contractor streamlines on-site employee data through the Emergency Response System for successful evacuation during emergencies

The global EPC was seeking a solution for the emergency response team which was efficient enough to regularly monitor and update employee records; the data which forms the basis to carry out a safe and efficient evacuation of onsite staff. The objective was to have an emergency response management solution which could validate and verify on-site workers in real time.

iSON provided a 3g operator with resources to handle required requests and tasks within designated requirements for efficiency

The business operations are continuous and constant, therefore its imperative for any business to have resources to efficiently handle request and tasks all year round, 24/7.
The objective was to implement a centralized bilingual helpdesk for application support and 24/7 critical IT infrastructure support for users based across 3 regions, 17 countries and 46 locations. On top of this, it was ideated
to have 12x5 daytime support staff.

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Skills Enablement Services

Skills Enablement Services

iSON encourages established companies to engage in Africa by harnessing its localized resources and support to assist businesses in identifying and seizing opportunities and to engage with African Diaspora.

Managed Services and Operations

Enterprises today need to deal with technological advancements, advanced services adoption, and new business models which often leads to business complexity. In addition, high financial pressures and demand for operational efficiency and IT consolidation leads enterprises’ seek Managed Services model.



We help contact centres to evolve from simple voice-based operations to technically sophisticated ones. We have transformed several contact centres in Africa, into fully integrated, context-based customer experience management centres to address the needs of the customer