Managed Services and Operations

iSON strongly believes in building and harnessing local talent. Our 10,500+ strong talent pool is accessible for both on-site and/or offshore business needs, ensuring significant bottom line benefits. More than 99.5% of our resources are locals with expertise in local languages thus, resulting in higher culture affinity.

ITSM Process Management for different IT Stack

Accelerating Cloud computing, the emergence of Cloud-based ITSM services and the acceptance of SaaS & PaaS models are primarily driving the growth of global IT Service Management (ITSM) market. With improved delivery models, advanced Cloud capabilities and the availability of sophisticated software, we offer real automation capabilitiesin ITSM implementation. Thus, organizations can align with their specific IT infrastructure and service management needs through improved IT automation strategies. We help alleviate the ITSM concerns of industries with high-quality Enterprise IT Service Management Advisory, Consultancy & Implementation services helping them to cut on heavy costs from investments in back-end automation. We offer end-2-end IT Service Management, IT Operation Management implementations & Business application development across multiple industry sectors, namely, Telecom, BFSI, Utilities, Aviation, Retail and many more.

NOC and command center management

Command Centers and Network Operations Centers are the hub of a corporation’s network monitoring and distribution of information as they provide centralized command for a specific purpose. With corporate infrastructure, managing mission critical data that is vital to the company, these command centers must provide data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This type of operation requires reliable, durable, and easily serviceable audiovisual equipment. We employ the most innovative technology into every NOC and Command Center allowing the client to funnel the maximum amount of information. Managing intelligence and being able to dispatch the proper authorities is an indispensable tool. We have designed, integrated, equipped and maintained many of todays most technologically advanced Command Centers and Network Operations Centers.

Operations process for infrastructure and applications

New services, architectures, protocols, interfaces and ways of doing business are constantly ever changing with the introduction of virtualization and the Cloud. Increased complexity relates to more IT stakeholders are involved, making coordination and operational efficiency more challenging.

Infrastructures are becoming obsolete and applications and third party services themselves are also becoming increasingly diverse and complex. Agile development has allowed businesses to be more responsive to the changing business landscape - but it makes it harder to manage the environment that supports them. These are all changes that have driven the role of Application Operations and a new set of performance requirements to emerge.

We focus on conducting on-going discovery and monitoring of all application behavior within the operations environment, measuring all application performance with respect to response times and end-user experience, responding faster to degradation issues through coordinated interaction with the IT teams directly responsible for the various aspects of the application production environment