ISON Technologies’ offers a broad range of IT services and solutions to meet clients’ local sourcing needs by identifying, evaluating and configuring your IT architectures in addition to your IT equipment ordering and logistics management. 
We have developed strong domain capabilities in delivering end-to-end IT services through our development facilities complemented by on-shore and near-shore capabilities & delivery model in the regions.  



Professional Services for CCT Implementation As non-voice communication channels are increasingly getting popular with customers, enterprises need to ensure robust integration of touch-points like social media, email, chat, and text messaging with their existing contact center platforms. While most enterprises use IVR systems to offer self-service options to customers, complex menu navigation and long prompts often result in an unpleasant experience. In addition, inadequate follow-ups,multiple call transfers, and long hold times increase the turnaround time (TAT) for customer requests, thereby affecting the efficiency of service operations. Moreover, maintaining legacy contact center platforms is particularly challenging due to the additional effort and significant costs involved.


Datacenter Design, Planning, Implementation & Operations

Today, when 60% to 70% of an enterprise’s IT spend is on Data Center Operations and Management, enterprises look for disruptive and game-changing models to reduce cost through optimum utilization of the IT infrastructure. Transformational approaches like virtualization, legacy modernization and cloud computing lead to building state-of-the-art infrastructure.



Integrating multiple IT systems that cater to different regions, countries, functions, and departments is a complex task for an organization. There is a need for an enterprise-wide solution that addresses reduced time-to-market, regulatory compliances, improved revenue margins, improved customer experience, reduced customer churn, minimized revenue leakage, improved operational efficiency and achieve IT scalability, reliability and robustness.

Managed Services and Opeartions

  1. ITSM Process Management for different IT Stack
  2. NOC and command center management
  3. Operations process for infrastructure and applications

Skills Enablement Service (SES)

  1. Resource Augmentation on T&M Model
  2. Statuary Compliances
  3. Project based service delivery