We help contact centres to evolve from simple voice-based operations to technically sophisticated ones. We have transformed several contact centres in Africa, into fully integrated, context-based customer experience management centres to address the needs of the customer. These centres have adapted to flexible and scalable infrastructure, multi-channel interactions such as voice, e-mail, IM, chatbots,video and social networks; and integration with enterprise applications, fully preserving the “customer” context. In addition, our advanced contact centre analytics derived on six common approaches – Speech, Text, Predictive, Self-Service, Desktop and Cross- Channel helps enterprises to optimize end-to-end customer experience. We offer the following services :
A. Consultancy Services for Contact Centre Design
B. Professional Services for CCT Implementation
C. CCT Application Development & Management Services

With extensive experience in multi-vendor products and platforms, iSON offers end-to-end integrated technology solutions for contact centers, including consulting, systems integration, application development, infrastructure implementation, and onsite/ remote support which help enterprises address the ever-demanding customer needs. Our contact center capabilities include:

  1. Unified and Virtual Call Centre Solutions
  2. Automatic Call Distributor and/or Dialer
  3. CRM application/Call Centre Servicing application
  4. Campaign Management System
  5. Call Recording Systems
  6. Interactive Voice Response Systems/Speech
  7. Recognition Systems
  8. Workforce Management Software
  9. Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
  10. VoIP Solution


  1. Datacenter Design, Planning, Implementation & Operations
  2. Virtualization & Cloud migration services
  3. Security and Risk Management

Digital Transformation & Integration Services


  1. Service Integration (Design, Develop & Customization)
  2. Application specializations (Oracle, Big Data, Mobile & Web development)
  3. Process Automation and Consultancy Services

Managed Services and Operations Enterprises

today need to deal with technological advancements, advanced services adoption, and new business models which often leads to business complexity. In addition, high financial pressures and demand for operational efficiency and IT consolidation leads enterprises’ seek Managed Services model.

Our end-to-end suite of Managed Services offers state-of-the-art methodology, tools, and expertise to manage your enterprise IT by leveraging our people, expertise, technology and processes. The services align to industry recommendations, a business framework for the Governance and Management of Enterprise IT that empowers enterprise governance and management techniques, and provides globally accepted principles, practices, analytical tools and models to help increase the trust in, and value from, information systems. We provide cross functional operational support for applications, data centre operations, application development, integration support, security management, SLA management, MIS and helpdesk.

Our offerings enable client’s flexibility, responsiveness, and agility to their ongoing operations. Our Managed Services offerings are detailed as follows:

  1. ITSM Process Management for different IT Stack
  2. NOC and command center management
  3. Operations process for infrastructure and applications

Skills Enablement Services (SES)

iSON encourages established companies to engage in Africa by harnessing its localized resources and support to assist businesses in identifying and seizing opportunities and to engage with African Diaspora. We enable companies in Africa with three main objectives:

  1. Position and expand access of established business groups within Africa while managing local talent.
  2. Reduced barrier for entry through “local knowledge pool” developed in various regions in Sub-Saharan Africa (East, West and Francophone).
  3. Proven and tested business enablement models including skilled manpower sourcing, end-to-end supply chain management, service delivery and collections & payment in line with regulatory compliance; ensuring bottom-line benefits.
Key Features:
  • Supports electric, gas and water utilities
  • Handles every aspect of the customer  lifecycle
  • Provides a 360 degree view of the customer
  • Scales from a few thousand to many millions of customers
  • Specific modules can be implemented over time to meet a utilities’ specific business needs